2012 in review

Well hello everyone.

I’M BACK! It is 2013! Wow 2012 was a crazy year! The holidays got a little busy for me so I wasn’t able to blog AT ALL.


So I am working on lots of  different things right now. Trying to get back into the swing of things and I’m a bit rusty. I wanted to share with you this stats presentation that wordpress put together for my overall annual report for this blog. Check it out.



Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


Happy Halloween !

Good Afternoon!

I just would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Halloween. Feel free to share your costumes with me on my Facebook page  or on Instagram you can find me  @ The Rad Hatter.



TOTORO Sushi bar- Ann Arbor, MI

While I was in Michigan a few weeks ago for a wedding  (see  last post)  I made it a point to get to Ann Arbor. Even though it’s about an hour away from where we were staying, it’s the most urban place I know of in that state.  U of M is the heart of this town making this a very hip and young place to be.  You will see lots of  thriving mom and pop coffee shops as well as major stores such as Urban Outfitters.

There is also a small geek society down there with little hole in the wall comic shops, arcades, game stores, online gaming centers and even a place you can go to work on game/geek related projects. ( We totally NEED one of those here)

In the middle of it all in a quint sushi bar that if you weren’t looking for it  you might miss it.  This charming little sushi bar was called Totoro.

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Fabulous Fall Wedding

You know what’s exciting about fall? There’s pumpkin everything,  leaves are changing (not here in Cali but you know everywhere else), weather begins to cool down (again not here… 😦 )  and every thing starts to feel all warm, comfy, fuzzy. One really wonderful thing about Fall it is probably the greatest time of year to have a wedding.

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Sawdust Art Festival

Hello cat babies!

I had a lovely weekend and have a few things to share with you all.

First, I got a new camera!!! My good friend and  photographer Eve Was Framed recently purchased a brand new Canon 60D camera. She was sweet enough to sell her other very well taken care of Canon Rebel xsi to yours truly. 🙂

Who knows what this means?  Yup, better quality photos of Rad and events. Better pictures for you viewers to view!

Secondly, I went down to Laguna Beach on Sunday afternoon to check out the Sawdust Festival and test out the new camera!


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Hottest day, Scolding night

Ok I am currently blogging in my favorite Cafe and I really have nothing to write about but here it goes.

I haven’t really blog too personally because I’m either busy, busy, busy and or just being weird. So a little about me and my blogging, I need music, inspiration and something yummy to sip while a blog. It may be a comfort thing but I’ve done it since I started this little blog site here. That’s enough about that Lol.

……..So anyways,  life is starting to pick up and I’m really excited to find where it leads me. I’m working really hard right now to get my fans (you guys) something fun to do and or something fun to read. I’m super honored to have any fans, I mean its so strange to me that I have fans at all.

New things you can look forward to here are that I will began reviewing comics I’m reading. I really like comics though it is still sort of new to me. I would like to tell you which ones I thought were great and which ones you should read into.  Also I plan to start making my own cosplays. I have a few in mind that I will be working on and you will definitely be seeing my progress on here as well. Step by step!  I will be doing a New 52 Catwoman, Ame- Comi Cheetah black variant, and Storm black costume. These will be long term projects but the goal is to have at least two completed by WonderCon 2013.

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San Diego Comic-Con Recap

Hello loves!

Last month I was lucky enough to go to San Diego’s Comic Convention. My friend Jimmy Purcell of Been Better Comics let me work for him as his traveling bookmark babe or somewhat promo girl.

I had no idea what to expect going down to San Diego and staying for 5 days but let me tell you it was more than worth it. In the span of 5 days I ate at the finest of restaurants, went to an Andrew WK concert, met Shia LaBouef and spent more money than I’m comfortable mentioning… BUT I regret nothing!

I packed WAY too much stuff to this trip because sometimes a girl needs options. The suitcase was full of make-up, Black Milk clothing (which I wore everyday), Phear and I’s clothes. We also brought tons of snacks and drinks that were completely forgotten about until the very last day.

I had a Been Better uniform that included specially made bows from designer Doll.jpg, a Been Better tank and whatever Black Milk I chose to wear. I included my Wonder Woman purse of Truth that I made to hold the bookmarks in.

I was able to throw together one decent cosplay. I did a hipster Wonder Woman but sadly it may have been too hipster to the point of being unrecognizable with exception to a few other awesome hipster cosplayers. I had one other cosplay that was too perfect because it was myself in the Been Better comic strips.

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DIY Bleached, Frayed and Studded Shorts (Tutorial)

Hello Everyone.

Today I would like to show you step by step how to make those shorts you see at department stores for WAY TOO MUCH $$$.  I have been dying to do this tutorial for a while but honestly… I have never done anything like this myself. You can pair this tutorial with my fringed t-shirt tutorial to help you to achieve the summer bombshell look! The great thing about this DIY project is you can:

1. Be a beginner (this isn’t rocket science, I should know because it was my first time too)

2. Be as creative as you want ( They are all one of a kind )

3. Even if you mess up it may not be noticeable and perhaps may turn out pretty neat. ( no one is perfect)

Things you need:

  • Scissors
  • A safety pin
  • Bleach (optional)
  • A bucket or something to pour the bleach into (optional, you may prefer to not bleach)
  • clothes pins (again you may not want to bleach so optional)
  • One pair of jeans you don’t care about (any color)
  • Studs, any kind you want (optional)

Follow the jump to find out how to make my DIY shorts!

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Brunch with the Sharks


For the fans who follow my Facebook page you probably all know that I am madly addicted to Black Milk Clothing. Black Milk (yes that is a photo they posted of me, I’m very proud haha)  is a online shop based out of Australia.  They make the most amazing drool worthy clothes and the material of choice is nylon. Their clothing brings me joy and give me a confidence boost every time I wear it.

Last Saturday I attended a Black Milk clothing fan meet up for the first time. We call ourselves the Black Milk So Cal sharkies!  We had brunch at James Beach the famous Best Fish tacos restaurant from the movie I Love You Man. I have to say it was such a pleasure to meet all the lovely ladies!

If I were to describe this meet up I would have to say it was the sexiest Brunch I’ve ever attended with women I loved instantly upon meeting them. I am so glad I went though and I can not wait until the next. 🙂

Some of these pictures even literally stopped traffic. Photo taken by

Monique Soto.

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Curly Hair Care with Design Essentials

Hello Everyone.

I’m back from a long blogging break and I am ready to talk… about hair.

I’ve been going natural for a few months now but I’m just now starting to wear it down more often.

I have curly, unruly tangled and dry damaged hair. I used to hate it and neglect combing it often because I didn’t really see the point. I am guilty of straightening it repeatedly for months and months without breaks. I didn’t like having curls at all even though I’ve always been told that my “natural hair” looks nice or that those with “straight hair” would love to trade for mine. To me, I always felt like my hair was more of a burden then a gift.

Recently my step-mother Karen and owner of The Beauty in You salon in Reseda, CA were chatting about my little twin sisters hair. They have long beautiful wavy hair with very relaxed curls. These two girls are actively out playing sports, running, jumping and full of energy and their hair never loses its curl or shape and never gets frizzy.

Karen recommended I try Design Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Design Essentials Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Above: A picture of the daily moisturizer and what is left of samples of shampoo and conditioner.

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